S3 Ep. 3: Just Pan Bein’ Pan, Yo!

• February 10th, 2019

This week, Katie takes us to Athens, Greece and we explore the myths, hauntings, and legends surrounding Davelis Cave. Janine goes back to her roots and shares the tale of Catherine Mandeville Snow, the last woman to be hanged in Newfoundland, Canada.

This episode contains ghostly footprints leading nowhere, Pan the original bar creeper, a haunted courthouse, and a murder mystery.

Intro/outro provided by Fox and Branch (www.foxandbranch.com)

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S3 Ep. 2: Any Dead’ll Do!

• January 27th, 2019

Haunt Heads returns for another creepy episode! This week, Janine takes us on a tour of the Paris Morgue of the 1800s and makes a connection to the modern day that might make your head spin when she talks about the “most kissed face in the world.” Katie tackles an unsolved murder in Elk Lake, WI, and introduces us to the spirit of 25-year-old Mary Schlais whose body was discovered in a snowy ditch near the shores of the Lake.

This episode contains a dollop of true crime and a murder most foul, shadow people, and a death mask from the 1800s put to use in the modern day.

Thanks to Fox and Branch for the use of their song St. James Infirmary for our intro/outro. Find more of their hot jams at foxandbranch.com.

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S3 Ep. 1: Forked Up & Haunted

• January 15th, 2019

Welcome back for another creepy season of Haunt Heads!

This week, Katie’s hitting the thrift shops and bargain basements and talking about the objects we find at second hand stores and the energies they hold. Janine visits 17th century France and tells the (often disturbing) tale of Tarrare the glutton.

This episode contains some awesome podcast recommendations, a disappearing fork, transference of spiritual energy, and a massive gastrointestinal upset.

WARNING: This episode might be a little much for some of our listeners. Janine’s piece begins at roughly 59 minutes in. If you can’t handle the insanely creepy and grotesque (including cannibalism and a brief mention of infanticide) , we understand. You’ve been warned.

Our theme song is St. James Infirmary by Fox and Branch. Find more of their music at foxandbranch.com.


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S2 Ep. 18: Raisin the Dead

• November 4th, 2018

This week, Katie has some Halloween history and spooky lore about Stingy Jack and Janine presents a snippet of the life of Jan "Jannis" Bryant Bartel, her haunted house, and the novel she wrote prior to her untimely death. Many spooks abound! The happiest of Halloweens to all of our listeners and we will see you in the New Year! (Likely sometime in mid-January)

This episode contains divinations, shadowy corners, witchy workings, and All Hallows lore, and a mysteriously appearing raisin (of all things.) 

TRIGGER WARNING: 1hr:3mins, discussion of Joel Steinberg/murder of Lisa Steinberg. Those who do not want to hear about violence toward children, please be aware. 

Intro/Outro: Fox & Branch








Jan Bryant Bartell's novel Spindrift: Spray from A Psychic Sea



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S2 Ep. 17: World Peace and Sippy Cups

• October 21st, 2018

S2 Ep. 17: World Peace and Sippy Cups

This week, Janine unravels the dark and twisting truth behind spirit photography, ectoplasm, and mediumship and welcomes guest podcaster Katie McAuly to the pod. Katie tells the tale of Mary Nohl and the Witch House in Fox Point, WI and talks a little bit about her personal experiences with the location.

This episode contains a rousing game of hide the cheesecloth, a man named Mummler, chicken bone art, and a spooky sculpture of squished children.

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Stay Spooky, Y'all!



Makenzie Boettcher - Who was ‘The Witch of Fox Point’? (6/13/16)

Carrie Trousil - The Unusual Sculpture Garden of Milwaukee Artist Mary Nohl (5/31/18)

Allison Meier - Saving the Art and Home of Mary Nohl, Whose Neighbors Called Her a Witch (8/16/17)

Matthew Reddin - A House Divided (7/7/14)

Lori Kennedy - Silent Sunday (2/19/17)

Brian Noggle - The Milwaukee Witch’s House (10/28/06)






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S2 Ep 16 (Minisode): That’s a fine BOO ya got there!

• October 7th, 2018

It's our first mini-episode featuring stories from our pals on Reddit! We're excited to share these tales with you, ranging from ghostly sounds and moving objects, to shadow people and spirits who count raisins (just trust us), and hope you enjoy. Haunt Heads will return on the 22nd with a new episode to accommodate some life "stuff." 

Stay Spooky, y'all!  

Intro/Outro: Fox and Branch foxandbranch.com

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S2 Ep. 15: Caged & Enraged/Honest Abe

• September 23rd, 2018

We’re back from our Summer hiatus and ready to deliver spooky tales to delight and terrify! This week, Mimi goes political and talks about the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and hauntings at the White House and Janine explores human darkness and despair at Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania.

This episode contains naked Winston Churchill (did that dude even own clothes?), a ghostly little girl, tales of heartwrenching parental disappointment, and a haunted experience that perhaps shouldn’t be (according to your fellow Haunt Heads.)

Trigger Warning: This episode contains stories of abuses in an asylum. Many of the accounts may be too much for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. Janine goes first this week, so feel free to skip. We understand.

Mimi’s source material: https://exemplore.com/paranormal/The-Ghost-of-Abraham-Lincoln

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S2 Ep 14: Eighteen Wheels and A Waste Place

• June 4th, 2018

It's the last episode before our summer hiatus and Mimi takes to the highways and byways with some spooky stories from some seriously creeped out truckers. Janine tells the tale of Edward Mordrake, but it's not the story you're expecting!

This episode contains a ghostly carriage, shitty gardening chats, spider dog, and a life-changing surgery. 

Background music provided by one moody parrot (Emerson.) Intro and outro music provided by Fox and Branch!


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S2 Ep. 13: Signal Ghosts and Glamis

• May 20th, 2018

In this episode, Mimi takes us to Angus, Scotland, to Glamis Castle and Janine goes back to her roots and tells of the ghostly past of Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

This episode contains Disney acid trips, human windchimes, creepy castles, and wailing ghosts.

Thanks to Fox and Branch for our intro/outro music! Foxandbranch.com

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S2 Ep. 12: Tanked: The Strange Case of Elisa Lam

• May 7th, 2018
S2 Ep. 12: Tanked: The Strange Case of Elisa Lam
Mimi’s shrinky dink hubby joins the Haunt Heads team for an in-depth discussion regarding the unexplained death of Elisa Lam, the Canadian college student whose body was discovered floating in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Bill Stephen is, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor, weighs in on Lam’s mental state, the drugs she was prescribed, and gives his two cents on some of the conspiracy theories surrounding her death.
This episode contains The Elevator Game, an unidentified murderer, much alcoholic beverage, and an assortment of Crudités.
Thanks to Fox and Branch for our intro/outro! Foxandbranch.com
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