S1 Ep.6 Haunted Omelettes and Collective Insanity

This week, Mimi and Janine discuss Janine's childhood trauma, Mimi's drunken adult trauma, and Mimi communicates her interest in what human bisection actually *looks* like. It's not creepy at all...

**Note** We were such chatty cathy's this week that we forgot to record an intro so Janine had to do it after the fact. The audio in the intro section is slightly different than the remainder of the episode, but it all looks like an alien face hugger so we're good!

Locations featured this week: The Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI and Black River Falls, WI.

Were you told about Cropsey as a kid? Does your culture have legends you'd like to share? Send us your folklore tales and stories of the paranormal! We're excited to get started on mini episodes. =) hauntheadscast@gmail.com


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